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Wow, I really dropped the ball! :(

Three days were all I could manage- so sad. I could list my excuses. Everything from busy holiday to a sick baby... . Really though it has to do with depression and lack of passion to write or contribute to anything. I am feeling better so, I'm gonna try again. A little more slowly this time.

I'm going to try to write an entry two to three times a week. As far as fic writing goes I'll play that by ear. I'm currently moving all my old OUAT fics from ff.net to AO3. I hate ff.net and I'm done with it.

There's a new Grimm this Friday so I'm hoping for some inspiration to pop out a fic.

In the mean time, here is a blast from the past. Written almost exactly four years ago, it is my very first OUAT fic.

A Good Father

Day Three

It's too early to be awake. Luckily the little one is still asleep. I had to get over here a little early so my sister could leave for work early. She is supposed to be home a little early too, but that doesn't mean anything for me today. They are showing the house to an interested buyer this evening. So, I have all kinds of plans regarding getting the baby over to my mother's house and then coming back here to clean and take the dogs over when I go back... but the stupid city inspector for the water heater did not come yesterday, so he'll be by sometime between 8am and 5pm today. That's it, that's all the timeframe you get. If you're not home when he knocks he'll try again next week. If a month passes with no inspection, you get fined. How is this fair? And what the f*ck would my sister and bro-in-law do if the baby was at a daycare and I wasn't around to wait for this?

Sorry for that. I needed to vent a little before she wakes up. The hardest thing about this job is letting go of things  that bother me so that she doesn't pick up on my frustrations. If I'm not full of smiles and songs it upsets her because that is what she is used to. She has many moments of anger and frustration in her future and I'm determined to keep things as carefree and happy for as long as I can. It's forcing me to learn how to let go. It's not easy, but I'm doing the best I can.

Grimm/Writing Not in the mood this morning. Maybe I'll find some time later, but my luck I'll start and the stupid inspector will come. I'll  try to get some writing done tonight, but most likely the bulk of my writing will have to wait til tomorrow. I promise that 'Traditions' will be up this weekend!

Cooking- I made the apricot chicken and it was good. It was my first time making it and there are a few things I'll do different next time, but over all it turned out good. I'll post pics and recipe later this weekend.

Well, Baby Girl is waking so I need to get her food ready. Here's hoping this day goes better than I fear it will.

Is it bigger than a breadbox?

Just in case you wanted to know what a breadbox looks like...

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Day Two

Grimm- So my new Christmas fic is called, 'Traditions' and I've got about a third of it written. Inspiration hit this morning in the shower, so I am on track to get it posted hopefully tomorrow night or Saturday morning. Still don't have a beta for my Grimm fics, so if anyone is interested let me know.

Baby Girl is finally asleep. I put her down and two minutes later the mailman rings the doorbell with packages. The dogs go crazy and the baby woke up and started screaming. It took me a good ten minutes of rocking and singing to get her back to sleep. The mailman was very apolegetic, but I told him not to worry about it. I'd rather deal with an interrupted nap than a stolen package. Now if she can just stay asleep for another half hour or so we'll be back on track.

The city is coming to inspect the new water heater. I don't get it. Why does my sister's new water heater concern the city? It's a big inconvience for me as we were told that it would be 'some time today' and I have errands to run. I was hoping to finish the last of my Christmas shopping and yesterday I ended up at Kroger instead of Target so I still need to get my mother a gift before her birthday tomorrow!

Cooking- I'll be making apricot chicken later this evening and should have that recipe up sometime tonight. I've never made it before so here's hoping it turns out okay.

Well that's it for now. Going to grab some caffine and maybe watch some SPN reruns until she wakes.

Ilsa's Chili

For dinner last night we did chili and cornbread. Like I mentioned in a previous post, my family's version is pretty simple compared to some I've seen.

Ilsa's Chili RecipeCollapse )


Random Mom Texts...

So I ended up meeting my sister for lunch. I got a text from my mother while I was busy entertaining the baby so my sister read it.

First let me explain, my mother has never really gotten into tv shows or fandoms until the last year or so. She started working from home and watching the Supernatural marathons they have on TNT all morning every morning. I've been watching SPN since it first started over 11 years ago so when she has questions I'm the one she asks. I will randomly get texts from her asking things about archangels, knights of hell, and Lucifer. They are so random and oddly worded that if you didn't know she was talking about a tv show you would think that she was insane.  Recently she started watching Vampire Diaries and The Originals (My bad, I got her a netflix account for Mother's Day)

So today's text question that she sent and my sister read aloud at a busy Chick-Fil-A: "Can a human get pregnant by a vampire and then turned into a vampire?"

We got some odd looks from a few people that must have been listening. I knew right away what my mom was talking about because she is a Klamille (sp?) shipper and I watched the Originals mid-season finale with her the other day. My sister only watches the news, Walking Dead, Modern Family, Parks and Rec, and Pretty Little Liars. That's it. Everything else is "stupid".

So I have to admit my mouth dropped open in shock when she immediately text back, "Only in Twilight."

It was a proud big sister moment for me realizing that I've rubbed off on her enough to make her such a sarcastic little sh*t. :D

Day One

I'm not counting yesterday as my posting was more of a set-up than an actual journal entry. I'm going to try a template to hopefully get the words flowing. I'll start with my fandom/fics as I know some people will be reading these entries just for that.

Fics- I got my Grimm fics posted, yay! Eventually I'll get some of my more current fics in other fandoms up. Eventually...

My latest I've started is a Nadalind (I know some people call it Adalick, but that one just sounds icky and a little negative to me) Christmas fic. I wanted happy fluff with decorating, baking, presents, and mistletoe... but everytime I start writing Nick just reminises about past Christmases with Juliette and Adalind finds something to cry about. It's actually depressing me a little so I keep putting off working on it. Not to worry, I get this way sometimes. I always figure out a solution, usually while taking a shower.

Grimm- For those lamenting the not so shocking ending of the latest Grimm episode, I offer two articles that help show that the Nadalind is not over yet... Article One   Article Two
And here is a cute behind the scenes look at Grimm with baby pics!

Baby Girl- My niece is currently napping. Friday is my mom's (her grandma's) birthday so we are going to Target to get her a present once the morning routine is done. Then we have the plumber coming to install a new hot water heater this afternoon. I'm really hoping he comes before her 3 o'clock nap, but something tells me that won't happen. It's a good thing Baby Girl is such a deep sleeper... Of course she woke up as soon as I wrote that. Now we're watching Frozen and playing with blocks.

Cooking- Dinner tonight will be Chili and cornbead. There are a million different chili recipes, but my family keeps it simple: Ground beef, Wolf brand Chili from a can and diced tomoatoes. So nothing too complicated, but no less yummy! We've been waiting on the weather to turn cold enough for Chili and it finally is!

So, that's all I got for now. Someone is getting whiney and needs a diaper change. So day one done, yay!


Dog Question

This is my dog Snoopy. He is a rescue that I got at 8 weeks old. Ever since I got him he has nursed a blanket. He's almost 4 now, and is currently in his bed next to me nursing his blanket. I don't know why he does this or if I should try to break him of it. He seems to find it soothing and it's not a destructive behavior so my instinct is to just let him be. Has anyone heard of this?


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Grimm Fic

All of these are Nick/Adalind and take place during seasons 4 & 5 so contain spoilers if you aren't caught up. Also, I don't have a beta for my Grimm stuff yet so I'm sure there are many typos and things. Other than 'Survive' all are only about 1K words. All fics are rated T or under (for now) and are linked to my AO3 account.

Survive- (10K) SEASON 4 FINALE SPOILERS!! If there is one thing Adalind Schade knows how to do, it's survive. Maybe this time she won't have to do it alone. Takes place right after the Season 4 Finale, 'Cry Havoc' Adalind/Nick

Home- (1K)
Spoilers for Season 5 episode 3, "Lost Boys". Adalind's POV of bedtime scene... and then some fluff. :D

Baby on Board- (1K)
Nick is disturbed by something he witnesses on the job and rushes home to get reassurance that his new 'family' is okay.

First Fight- (1.5K)
Nick has a long day at work and Adalind has a long day at home. Three weeks of playing 'polite' has taken it's toll and there are things that need to be said.

Coming Home- (936)
Nick and Adalind's POV during a few scenes from the episode, "the rat king" plus an additional scene I like to think was just 'cut'.

Sanity- (1K) Adalind's pov of events from "wesen nacht"

I will continue to update this list as I write more.

I'm Back!!!

Well, it's been couple of years since I've done anything with LJ. After unsuccessfully dabbling a bit on tumblr (I'm a better follower than blogger...) I've decided to start writing on here again. I'll be posting some of my recent ficlets and attempting a daily 'diary' entry kinda thing. To all my old friends on here, I hope you are doing well and totally understand if you decide to unfriend me as my page will be completely different than what it was.

Almost a year ago, I quit my my high-stress job at a busy doctor's office and became a full time nanny to my (now 1 year old) niece. Best decision I ever made. Since I am at home with her all day, I've gotten into cooking and baking. I enjoy trying new recipes and will probably post about food a little along with ancedotes about caring for a baby. I also keep my sister's two dogs and have my own dog at home so I'm sure there will be dog things too. The one thing that hasn't changed is my love of fandom life.

I've been through a few different fandoms since OUAT and am currently into Supernatural and Grimm. As far as my writing goes, Grimm seems to be what I've been most inspired to write lately. They are all Nick/Adalind, be warned, I'm not a Julliette fan. I've also been playing with some ideas for 'The Librarians'.

I invite discussion on any of these topics and several more as long as things remain positive and constructive. No politics though. I get enough of that on tumblr and from watching tv. Other than that, feel free to comment and/or ask me anything.


Today- Link my Grimm fics
This week (prob Thursday)- Apricot Chicken (new recipe from bro-in-law's aunt)
Soon- Episode Reviews/Re-Watch of Grimm Season 5, before the hiatus is over 1/22/16 & More Fics!